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About US

Get To Know Antioxi

Our motivation for creating Antioxi stemmed from noticing a troubling trend in the market: a move towards gimmicky products and a glaring lack of transparency. Addressing this became one of our foundational goals. We aim to bring the spotlight back onto the medicinal benefits of mushrooms.

Providing transparency and focusing on the genuine health benefits of mushrooms is at the heart of everything we do at Antioxi.

We distinguish ourselves as one of the select mushroom companies committed to third-party testing. This practice is fundamental to our mission, as it guarantees that our mushrooms are not only safe but also effective in delivering the health benefits our customers seek.

Our dedication to our customers' journeys is deeply personal. Inspired by a family member's health battle with cancer, we were confronted with the harsh realities of the disease, including the profound emotional toll and the frequent lack of empathy encountered. This experience profoundly shapes our approach to customer service.

We strive to create a community that goes beyond mere transactions. Our goal is to offer a space where our customers feel genuinely safeunderstood, and valued. We remember the feeling of needing empathy and support, and we aim to ensure that our communication and actions reflect our deep understanding of what many in our audience may be experiencing.

At Antioxi, you're not just purchasing a product; you're joining a community that cares.

A Look at our Farms

All The Difference

✔ A World of Choice

From the Americas to Asia, we seek out the finest farms to bring you the best ingredients.

✔ Customized Farming Practices

We set the bar high for our farming partners, ensuring the best strains, substrates, and growing conditions.

✔ Clinical Grade Processing

We don't cut corners, we only use the gold standard of manufactuirng for the purest products.


Our Shroom Troop's Experience