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Get To Know Antioxi

Mushroom Extracts That Follow Clinal Literature

No 2 grapes are equal and the same can be said for mushrooms.

Eacg mushroomis so uniqe and requyires specific methods of being farmed and extracted so that you can reap the best benefits.

We work with vartious farms located all over the world that have specifically been chosen for their expertise of farming clinical grade mushrooms. The farms we work with have beebn farming these mushrooms for generations and have perfected the process from strain to cultivation.


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Use this section to promote a particular feature with editorial video.


Products are farmed In controlled environments. Farming is more eco-friendly than foraging. Unfortunately, foraging can lead to extinction (as with Lion’s Mane in Europe).


Our market leading approach is to source funghi from not 1 but multiple sources around the world. Mongolia, Fujian, Siberia and Zhejiang to name a few. Each region carefully selected for their generational experience, altitudes, fresh natural resources and technological cultivation methods.

Meet Our Founders

Researching into medicinal mushrooms we quickly realised that finding *honest* info was difficult. Plus, there was too much confusing jargon.

Why couldn’t it be simple to get what one needed?

We realised that in Europe– the demand is high… but the (genuine) supply is low...

Which brings us to today...Being able to supply clinical grade mushrooms throughout Europe. To a lovely community. Who keep coming back. :-)